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Seek SEO provides advanced link-building for agencies and businesses, with a particular focus on offering superior-quality work at a competitive price. The founder also created it out of a desire to build a different kind of business. 

Seek SEO is an employee-centric company, meaning that the ultimate goal isn’t to make maximum money for those at the top, but rather to spread that prosperity among the entire staff.

The idea is that if you truly take care of your people financially, emotionally, and professionally, you’ll cultivate a group that is fully invested in the company, stick around for the long-term, and become true masters at their craft. 

At Seek SEO, we’re proving this concept through our superior work and results, and by the commitment of our talented staff. We don’t cut corners, we take care of our people, and that mindset creates the environment that produces the fantastic work that we provide. 

Meet the Founder and CEO

Anthony Christensen

Born and raised in Utah, Anthony has worked in SEO for a decade, including for the world-famous Neil Patel as Director of Link-Building at NP Digital (formerly NPAccel). Anthony created an SMB link-building product from scratch for the company, and by the time he left, his department was fulfilling over 1000 orders per month. 

Anthony specializes in advanced link-building, creating and implementing products and processes, SEO analysis, partner management, and being a badass. 

He left in 2021 and created Seek SEO, an employee-centric company that emphasizes superior quality, culture, and collective community.

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Seek SEO logo + name + tag + transp back ~900 h

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